About the Writer and Colorist:

Hailing from the forgotten land of Oil and Buffaloes, also known as Oklahoma, Skyler Ammons is an avid comic book and manga fan. Currently a student at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design, this charming and eccentric Okie is on the fast track to a Graphic Design degree (with a minor in Fanserviceology). He strives to become a professional comic book creator, as a writer, artist, and/or colorist.

Skyler is also the colorist for How to Raise your Teenage Dragon.

Skyler’s major writing influences are Scott Snyder, Gail Simone, Ken Akamatsu, Stan Lee, Robert Kirkman, Kevin Eastman, and Adam Warren. His major artistic influences are Marcus To, Greg Capullo, Ben Bates, Ken Akamatsu (again), and Cory Walker.

About Chapter 2 Artist:

Francis Julian Lim is a comic artist living in the Philippines. He is a college graduate with a BA Fine Arts Major in Advertising arts, he has worked as a penciller and inker for MAS Media Studios; Russ 5377, an inker and flatter for several comicbook oneshots by TM Comics, and co-owner of CAT Animation Studios based  in the Philippines. His major influences are Dragon Ball, the Street Fighter artworks of Akiman, and Takehiko Inoue.  His current goals are to improve his artwork and to never lose interest in the greatness of so many artists who can inspire him to reach their standards and improve on them more.

About Chapter 1 Artist:

Wandering Kotka is an illustrator based out of anywhere with a wifi connection. She takes an odd pride in never staying in one place long enough to renew her driver’s license and does a remorselessly silly dance for every new stamp in her passport. She loves bright colors, stupid bi-lingual puns, pin-ups, and cute animals. She takes her inspiration from vintage illustration, video games, and comic books (manga included.)